118Stanstead is a small Victorian mews that sits on the eastern flank of Forest Hill in South London. It is made up of a collection of mixed use industrial buildings of varying sizes. Some of the buildings are very old and some a little bit more modern. The original mews was constructed around 1860 for two brothers who lived in Forest Hill and who owned, what was then, a fledgling photographic company. The company was called A&G Taylor and over the latter part of the 1800's they became photographers to Queen Victoria and then eventually they became one of the  largest photographic companies in the world with studios all over the UK and as far away as the USA and France. It has been said that they had more than hundred people working at the 118 Stanstead site, printing, developing and framing their famed small photographic black white portraits. 

Today this small enclave is home to an eclectic mix of artists, film-makers, photographers, musicians and various other interesting businesses. 118Stanstead  is a real hub of creativity and industry that never seems to rest.